Glass Art Map of Badlands National Park, Badlands Topo Map


Glass Art Map of Badlands National Park, Badlands Topo Map


Trace the wild contours of Badlands National Park on this beautiful etched glass topographic map. Centered between Rt 44 and I-90, this topo map is a beautiful way to remember and share your favorite places.

A topographic map shows contour lines that represent elevation changes. These contour lines allow you to see mountains and valleys in a 2 dimensional map.

Available in 3 Colors: RED, BLUE, and CLEAR

Available in 1 Size: Large (15"x15")

This glass map comes framed with hanging hardware included.

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A 15"x15" Map of Badlands National Park, carved clearly and beautifully into handmade glass. Made of jewel-like handmade glass that has been sand carved with meticulous detail.

• Brilliant color, Handmade Glass
• Etched with a topographical map of Badlands National Park
• Framed in dark Wood
• Stainless Steel Hanging hardware included
• Gift packaging available
o 15"x15"
• Available in 3 colors
o Red
o Blue
o Clear
• All colors have some natural variation to them- this is a handmade product